Igloo is a better way to work.

The traditional DOS-style command line is archaic and provides little control to users beyond basic file manipulation and access to terminal applications, such as netsh, ftp, and telnet. PowerShell greatly improved upon the capabilities of its predecessor, but its command set is complex, difficult to memorize, and often comprised of long, unwieldy one-liners. These unfortunate characteristics of Windows CLIs spurred the development of Igloo.

Igloo offers users a simple command line interface that is easy to read, understand, and use. Configure static IP addresses or DHCP on a machine, create and delete firewall rules, scan TCP ports, and generate RSA keys - all from Igloo's command line. For situations that call for it, instant access to cmd.exe and PowerShell is possible. When you’re done, just ‘exit‘ and you’ll jump right back to the Igloo prompt.

Igloo is always improving.

If you aren’t learning, evolving, and growing , you might be wasting your time. Igloo embodies this philosophy in its constant evolution. New features are added continually. If you aren’t impressed now, check back in a few weeks. Projects nearing completion include Windows Server 2016 config automation, Cisco IOS configuration wizards, native SSH, and more.

Want to help make Igloo the best it can be? Check out our GitHub page: